Wednesday, January 5, 2011

McDonald's Surprise

So... you know how @ some Mcdonald's you have 2 lanes to choose in the drive thru? Well, when I was done placing my order, I let up the brake just a tiny bit and had to stop again suddenly because I noticed the 'other' car had finished her order at the same time as me. I peered at her order screen and noticed that she only order a few items totaling $3.30. Not really knowing 'who' was technically 1st- I figured she should go ahead of me so she can get her small order before I get my large one. (Besides... after an 11 hour work day- what the heck would 2 minutes more matter?) When the line started to move, she motioned for me to 'go-ahead' and I gave her the same motion back, letting her know that she can go-ahead of me. We did this back and forth to each-other a couple of times as our smiles got bigger... we probably felt pretty silly. But she ended up taking my offer and went ahead of me. The next thing you know, I can see she's telling something to the guy at the drive thru window as she points in my direction. He looks back at me and then back at her with a strange look on his face. He hands her some change back and she moves forward to get her dinner. As I pull up to the window he tells me, "Your total is $14.79 and the kind lady in front of you took care of it - she wanted me to tell you Happy New Year." :oD I was so tickled!!!! I took $7 of my cash (so I wouldn't have to break the $20 bill I had) and said, well- if we weren't hurting so badly, I'd like to pay-it-forward by paying for the guy's order behind me (he had an $7.86 total). The young mcdonald's kid smiled and I drove up, grabbed our family's dinner and followed the lady outside the parking lot to give her a BIG thank you. :oD I'll never forget you Tess! You just made my week!!!!