Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Judy" the floor maid

So yesterday, I briefly told you about Judy. We hired Judy because she is awesome, she's cute and she is REALLY good at cleaning floors. Unfortunately, she hurt her back as she was cleaning today because apparently, she's NEVER had a floor as terrible as OURS before.

Instead of a broom and a mop, she had to get on her hands and knees to scrub and scrub. Our dirt and grime had been there too long I suppose. :o(

Rosa was great, but for a specific job, Judy is good for only the floors- I pick up the house here and there on a daily basis but I LOVE having these 'experts' come in and clean like they know what they're doing. They don't fuss or whine or feel insecure about it, they just get in and get-er-done!

As for me, I LOVE the smell of my clean house. She used a purple cleaning solution from PineSol and only got most of the downstairs floors finished. (Bathroom, kitchen, pantry and laundry room.) Next time she comes back, I'll have her do the upstairs floors and finish downstairs. (Entry way and carpets.)

Jim was home again today, but stayed out of her way. She was dressed down, long stretchy pants with a shirt that covered it all. lol.

I think Jim has someone in mind for tomorrow. Not sure what her specialty is or what her name is even... I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing: " Rosa " ... The Marathon Maid

So, perhaps it's my depression medication (or lack thereof) that is giving me these fits of identity crisis. In any case- here's how I'm dealing with it...

Last night, I was exhausted- I had been up since 6am and I let my emotions get the better of me ALL day.

Call it an act of desperation, or another 'Crazy by Crystal'- I feel it was just Crystal being Creative. . . trying something 'new' on for size.

I got consent from Jim to have someone come over tomorrow and clean our house. Her name is Rosa. She's hispanic, fun and energetic... according to Jim, she loves to challenge herself by doing these 'marathons'. Her best ones are Laundry and Dishes. The most she can do in one day is 4 loads of each!

Pretty impressive, I thought- Jim seemed excited to meet her so a decision was made. For just 50cents an hour, she did 3 loads of dishes and 4 loads of laundry from start to finish.

Oh sure, she listened to her latina music station for the first couple hours of the morning, she spoke to my husband and the kids in her spanish accent and walked around the house in her short shorts and her low cut tank top. I could tell my husband was attracted to her but she remained VERY professional. (Only resting to fold laundry as she watched cartoons with the kids.)

I doubt she'll be back tomorrow because her two specialties were all caught up today. But who knows, maybe we'll have Judy come over- I hear she's REALLY good at cleaning floors! ;o)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Organizing Clutter

Organizing Clutter- ha! Sounds like a Oxymoron, doesn't it? LoL

I feel soooo accomplished today! I grabbed about 10 'cluttered' boxes and
separated them all out into categories- now, I have 8 organized boxes- packed and ready to to go in the 'uhaul' pile. (ALONG WITH A HUGE 'TRASH-IT' PILE & A BIG DONATION BOX) WOOT WOOT!

How did I do it?

I was intimidated by it at first, TRUST ME! If you have clutter boxes, you know what it feels like to just even THINK about going through them.

What are clutter boxes? You know, when you're in a hurry to clean up and you don't have time to put things 'away'- and if you're even a TAD bit of a hoarder like me, NOTHING goes in the trash until it's absoultey TRASHABLE... ya, that's when you get a box and throw all the clutter in it and stuff it in a corner, in a closet or perhaps- it graduates to the garage...

My clutter boxes go CLEAR back to my Tucson days. I STILL had never gone through bills/clutter/photos etc since 2005! With each move I just transfered the boxes to either another box, or another corner-

But I didn't want to start the same bad habit - so here is what I did to organize the chaos, step-by-step:

1. Made a list of all the different 'things' that I had in my 'cluttered' boxes.

* Memorabilia items
* Photos
* Journals
* Magazines/Books
* Office Supplies
* Kids toys
* Computer supplies
* Bathroom / Hair Items
* Wall hangings (shelves/picture frames)
* Craft stuff
* Pens/pencils/crayons & Markers
* Holiday stuff
2. I then printed my list and cut up each 'category' to help remind me of my goal.
3. I then gathered aprox 8 empty boxes and taped their 'name' tag to each box
4. I then Put 6 empty boxes on my bed and the other 6 boxes around the room.
5. I then grabbed individual clutter boxes and worked on one at a time. Separeting items as I pulled them out of the box. (I didn't do it alone, I had the TV going the whole time- it helped me stay distracted JUST ENOUGH to stay busy.)
6. 10 clutter boxes later (as well as about several hours in the last 2 days) I had 8 finished boxes.
7. Now, all I have to do is tape them up /label them and get them ready to go to the new house.

But! Organization doesn't stop there!

8. At the new house, I will have a designated area for each 'catagory' and the overflow will be items to sell/donate.

So proud! What a productful day I've had! :o)

Friday, June 24, 2011

There goes MY sanity this morning...

I was VERY frustrated with my day thus far (until my wonderful friend Theresa helped me out- Thanks so much Tweesa!)

Why was I frustrated? Well, let's start from the beginning. . .

An old co-worker of mine asked me to give her a ride this morning, in exchange- she was going to buy my kids breakfast. As much as I KNOW I don't have the gas money- I had some dumb urge to be 'liked' and couldn't say no. But this would mean having to leave my house at 6:45am. I surely didn't think this 'favor' through- my kids don't even wake up til 7:30 or 8!

But I can't leave them alone at home, and without me- she would stranded and a friendship would've been lost... so, reluctantly- I scooped each kid outta bed, pj's and all- and plopped them into the car.

We drove to pick her up, I didn't say a word. They were both out of it- trying so hard not to fall back asleep.

I arrive at her house at 7am and we proceed to her appointment. However, she didn't know WHERE it was at. She'd never been there before and all she had was an address. I'm now kickin myself for not bringing my GPS.

We continue to drive around looking for this address for about 8 minutes. Finally, she remembered that she was gonna look up the address on her phone using Google Maps.

What?!?! We could've been doing that the whole time rather than WASTING more gas?!?! I look down at my gas level and it's getting closer and closer to the red.
My tolerance level was already increasing. And where were my kids breakfast? I couldn't be mad, right? If I had only had my GPS, we would've had TIME for breakfast and we would've had Gas to get home.

My BIGGEST problem is- I don't use a visa debit card, I don't have any cash on me- all I have is a stupid ATM card. This helps PREVENT me from spending money so easily- but it sure doesn't help me in a GAS emergency.

Ok, (I thought to myself) if I can get to a bank, I can check the account and see if there is at least $20 to pull out of the account. We can go get some gas and then get something to eat while we wait for my friend to get out of her appointment.

I drop her off and tell her to text me when she's done. I head to the bank, (1/2 mile down the street.) This 'joint' account of ours has GOT to have something, right? Especially for emergencies (you would think) but nope, I have $3.23.

I can't withdrawal $3! And if could- it wouldn't even get me a full gallon!

I sit in my car and start texting my husband. Perhaps, if I can convince him to transfer some money, I'll be able to get $5 worth of gas...
but no, I know better. He would be furious if he knew I was in Glendale- giving a friend a ride with zero gallons of gas and zero dollars in the bank account. I've gotta have a better reason to 'need' money- he simply can't know that I've already wasted my gas just to 'be-liked'.

I remember that we still owe the sitter for daycare services from this last week. Over $200. Ahha! I'll ask my hubby to transfer THAT and with the little change left over, I'll get some gas and MAYBE get the kids something to eat. ? ? ? (They won't stop whining, "We hungee mom! We willy hungee!")

After several minutes of texting, he says he'll do it. I go back to the ATM machine and it still only has $3.

Meanwhile, my phone starts to die and my friend gets out of her appointment and texts me to come get her. I pick her up and tell her about my phone, my gas and my kids' bellies.

I'm thinkin that if she were 1. kind and 2. paying attention- she would put my kids and I (you know, her free taxi ride) as TOP priority. My thinkin was wrong. I head to HomeLovers to drop her off at work.

She seemed to have this 'ah-ha' moment where she just realized that I had no reason to come all the way out to Glendale. She either felt bad or caught my hint and she offered that I take her debit card to go get some gas.

At this point, I'm done- I'm done with her, I'm grateful she offered but I don't feel right takin her card. If she had a 5, or if she wouldn't mind being late- we could go get some gas and I'd drop her back off. But I wasn't gonna take her card. I wasn't gonna try to figure out a way to get it back to her. I just wanted to go home and forget about the whole thing. I told her 'thanks but not thank you.: She said ok, and went to work.

Kickin myself as I looked at my gas gage I drove slowly towards Theresa's house. I knew I owed her money and the whole idea of getting $200+ to pay her would be my only 'ticket' to getting home. My 2nd option (was not an option) I did not, would not, I refuse to go to Jim's work and ask for gas money.

I go back to the bank, by now- surely, Jim has had the chance to transfer funds. Sure enough- I'm home free. (At least I thought) I hear the ATM makin it's money noise as it's collecting the 20's and then all of a sudden it's telling me I have 40 seconds to retrieve my cash.

Like a bomber, trying to disable the red and blue wires- I'm freakin out. KNOWING that if this ATM THINKS there's money here- there will NOT be money in my account if I try this again. 22, 21, 20... the clock still ticks on the ATM machine. I'm trying to pry the slot open, hoping that it's just stuck and all I have to do is wiggle the door a little bit. 11, 10, 9, - I start waiving my hands at the drive up window but there's nobody there. I can see the don't open until 9.

4, 3, 2, 1. there goes my money.

If I had a video camera on me to capture the look on my face at that moment- you would've thought that I just found out someone died. I was in pure shock, disbelief, disappointment and anger.

WTF do I do now!?!?! I said to myself. I proceeded west- knowing that the best thing to do is just try to get home.

I kept driving down Bell rd and eventually I saw another bank. I pull in and see that they're already open. I drive to the teller window and let the gentleman know about my ATM problem at the other bank. Surprised, but sympathetic- he helped me out. Agreeing that I really couldn't come into the bank as I filled out a claim for my money because of the two small cranky kids he could see in the back of my car.

As I waited for him to call the claim in, I was texting Theresa's husband letting him know that I can't bring the money all they back to them. I was soooo very low on gas and I just need to head home.

He begged me to get the money to them by today- even offering to bring me some gas. I started texting back my exact location (99th and Bell) 'cause at this point, I was SOOO very willing to receive help.

But then, my phone DIES in the middle of my text. AHHHHH!

No Gas, no money, no cell phone, no food- stuck in sun city (now) and I don't know what the heck to do!

After 20 minutes of sitting in the hot car with the windows down, the nice teller agrees to get me my money as a 'credit'. Once the claim goes through- the money I take right now will be automatically paid back to the bank.

Thank goodness... I can do this. AND, I think if I put in enough gas, I can drive Theresa's money to her. She'll be happy, I'll be happy and we can all go home and take a nap!

The kids and I stop and get $6.15 cents in gas. I also picked up a small package of powered donuts for $1.69 (3 for each of them). This made them sooo much less cranky.

I get all the way back to 55th and cactus and take her some money. I frown as I tell her that I had to borrow $5 and she wanted to know what happened.

After telling her the full story (above) she smiles and hands me some cash. She wanted us to get something to EAT. It was 10am already and the kids would be so much better for me if we did have something better to eat.

The kids and I stopped at Burger King for drinks. Matthew got french toast sticks, Brooklyn got chicken nuggets and I got a sandwich. We are very much happier as we drove all the way home. (130th and Cactus.)

Here it is almost 11 and I'm soooo tired of my day already. Let's hope it gets better as we go. :o)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a fun SONG!

I'm a Woman- MY NEW ANTHEM!
I can wash out forty-four pairs of socks
And have them hangin out on the line
can starch and iron two dozen shirts
Before you can count from one to nine
I can scoop up a great big dipper
Full of lard from the drippin's can
Throw it in the skillet, go out and do my
Shopping and be back before it melts in the pan
'Cause I'm a woman
Double U O M A N
I'll say it again

I can rub and scrub till this old house
Is shinin like a dime
Feed the baby, grease the car and
Powder my face at the same time
Get all dressed up, go out and swing
Till four a.m. and then
Lay down at five, jump up at six
And start all over again
'Cause I'm a woman
Double U O M A N
I'll say it again

If you come to me sickly, you know
I'm gonna make you well
If you come to me hexed up,
You know I'm gonna break the spell
If you come to me hungry,
You know I'm gonna fill you full o' grits
If it's lovin' you're lackin', I'll kiss you
And give you the shiverin' fits
'Cause I'm a woman
Double U O M A N
I'll say it again

I can stretch a greenback dollar bill
From here to kingdom come
I can play the numbers, pay my bills
And still end up with some
I got a twenty dollar gold piece says
There ain't nothin I can't do
I can make a dress out of a feed bag
And I can make a man out of you
'Cause I'm a woman
Double U O M A N
I'll say it again
'Cause I'm a woman
Double U O M A N
And that's all

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Facebook or Blog?

Facebook (to me) has been my way of having an audience. I love the idea that people are interested in my life. I also love showing an interest in the lives of others. Because of my love for Facebook and this 'sharing the spotlight' with others- I will always keep my account open. However, having dozens of friends and family members that I never talk to but KEEP as my fb friend (for whatever the reason) makes it difficult to know who I'm really 'sharing' my thoughts with.

So, I've decided to post LESS to my facebook walls/albums and share more on my personal blog- but, I only want to share it with a very select few...

LOL- Jim would probably think I'm pretty pathetic if he could read this right-about now...

I just wanna know who my fans are, that's all. :o)

Geez, fans- I've got such a big ego about myself right now, don't I? lol

Eh, oh well- this is me. Like it, LOVE it or Leave.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Day that went to... POOP... literally!

So, this morning- I wake up and wouldn't you know it... Missy, our well behaved dog, had an ACCIDENT in our room. And not the wet kind, the lumpy brown, stinky kind. 4 chunks to be exact. This was starting to be the opposite of what I wanted for this Father's Day morning.

About an hour later- Brooklyn wakes up... Jim goes into her room to find, poop? No, throw up. I now know what the kids ate at Gramma's house yesterday- 'cause it's all over her bed... chunks of corn! Ewww! It's on the sheet, her spongebob pillow, her blankets- ugh. Normally, I'd kindly ask Jim to help- or he starts to help right away. But with today being father's day, I calmly tell him that I've got it. He can just relax today.

I hold Brooklyn's hand as we walk to my bathroom. I slowly take off her nasty pj's and tell her to get into the shower. She loves taking showers instead of baths because she likes my 'smell good' body wash.

We get a towel on her and walk into her bedroom, (I tell her to go downstairs but she insists on helping me.) We scoop up spongebob and the sheet behind him and wrap him up. Brooklyn carries him with her arms stickin straight out- I laugh 'cause it looks like spongebob is in a body bag... (I'd die too if I had a little girl puke CORN CHUNKS all over me!)

As the day goes on, Brooklyn has an accident in her pants. She can't seem to hold back the free-flowin #2's very well. Again, more corn chunks- This is BIG MESS #2! (back to the shower we go!)

Of course, showers aren't the only way to clean up ALL the mess... Brooklyn and I take her nasty clothes to the washer, 2nd load of the day.

Laundry load #3 was GOING to be work clothes- but this load was intercetped by miss Brooklyn again. She had ANOTHER COOPY accident (corn + poopy = coopy) and so we did our whole shower process all over again.

Later on, Jim asks- "Crystal, did you go to the bathroom last? It looks REALLY bad in here."
I get up and go look. The bathroom is flooded with water- the toilet is overflowing with nasty brown water and chunks of... you guessed it, CORN!

I knew it wasn't Brooklyn 'cause since her last accident- she's been wearing a pull up. That leaves only one other corn eatin critter: MATTHEW!

I grab every not-so-clean towel in the laundry basket and I bring them downstairs to start cleaning up the flood. After all, it IS father's day- why should I make him clean ANY of it up? (At least, that's the kind of 'day-off' I would hope for on Mother's Day.)

Matthew (of course) didn't help 'cause he didn't MEAN to flood the toilet- and besides, what kind of help could he provide? Brooklyn however, tried to help and just ended up pickin corn off the toilet seats as I could see her eyes grow to the realization of what it was. "PUT THAT DOWN BROOK! IT'S POOP!" She looked at me puzzled and said, "It's KONE MOM!" "No, it's not corn, it's poopy corn, it's nasty- put it down!" She throws it down on the floor and starts to head out the door... "egh egh eghhhh- not before you wash your hands young lady!"

Clean Miss Queen of Corn up and I get the toilet bowl cleaner, I'm scrubbin with the toilet brush- I'm washin with clorox wipes I'm feelin pretty darn good about this toilet and it's cleanliness. Then all of a sudden, I take a whiff and I can still SMELL it! Ugh. As a woman, I rarely lift the toilet seat as it is- so I lift it up realizing I hadn't got to that part yet and what do you know... BROWN slosh and YELLOW CORN all over the brim of the underseat!!! Ugh! I wanted to puke right then and there.

but I just held my breath and powered through it.

ahh- that's better... Sparkly and shiny-I was so happy to get it done. Hoping my 'poopy' day was finished.

But no, not until I went to switch over the laundry did I realize I wasn't completely finished with the darn KIDS & their CORN! I was surprised that (but yet, I wasn't... not with the kind of day I was having) our washer WASHED the clothes and bedding of the poop- but it couldn't even rinse the corn down the tiny holes. I stare into the washer for a moment and almost froze in deep thought - pondering what to do with all this 'washed-up corn'.

Eventually, I snap out of my gaze- I shrugged my shoulders and said to my self, "eh- it may have been POOPY CORN at one time, but it's CLEAN CORN now!"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I was asked to come back to work...

(They had a gal walk out yesterday so they are needing to shuffle some people around to cover the appropriate duties. They text me and asked me if I could come into work. Here is the email that I ALMOST sent them- but decided to talk to them instead (one-on-one.) Talking in person was the best idea for the situation, but I kept this email just in case I wanted to look back on it someday.)

Hi there,

I got your text message this morning, as well as Jade’s and Leslie’s email- my only issue is that it costs me too much to come into work.

If it made sense financially, I would jump to the opportunity- but after paying a sitter and filling up on gas at $3.45 a gallon- To work again for the same amount makes it very hard to come back. So even for a temporary offer, I simply can’t afford it.

If I come back for a short time and the bridge is open for a full time position, I feel HomeLovers might not ever find a position for me to grow into.

Perhaps it’s because I have not shown my ‘true’ value to the company, or maybe HomeLovers doesn’t have the budget to pay for quality employees themselves.

How can I ask for more money per hour without making it sound like I’m trying to be ‘better’ than anyone else?

I apologize if it sounds ugly, it wasn’t my intent.

Thank you so much for considering me anyway.


(so, I ended up going back to work today- even though I didn't arrive until 1:30, I worked until 5. They agreed to give me a temporary $2 an hour raise. This was so exciting to approach, ask and receive my wish!)

I've agreed to work until next Wednesday (the 22nd of June.) Jim isn't so crazy about the idea because 1. I'm not packin and cleanin all day like I 'should' be and 2. the gas is still expensive no matter HOW you cut it. Besides, at least we'll be makin a little bit of cash.

Here are his replies below. . .

From: Wells, Jim
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 10:58 AM
To: 'Crystal'
Subject: RE: I don't want to burn any bridges

Maybe you could also say until you move that it will just be to costly and that move should be done before the end of July.

From: Crystal
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 11:00 AM
To: Wells, Jim
Subject: RE: I don't want to burn any bridges

So you agree that I should NOT go into work today at all?

Or should I just ‘go’ and then tell them all this later?

From: Wells, Jim
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 11:10 AM
To: 'Crystal'
Subject: RE: I don't want to burn any bridges

I think it should be there choice along with yours

Friday, June 10, 2011

Junk Galore!

Sorry I haven't been writing- you may not have noticed, nor have cared- but packin daily has literally kicked my butt. I don't have much energy to type... or think for that matter. :o/

So today is Day 10 of this '21 days to move' thing.

Yup, that's right. Jim thinks we're moving INTO our new house on the 21st of June. Why? He's not sure why he thinks that- he says it's 'hunch', a 'feeling', he can just "SEE IT" happening on that day for some reason.


Anyhoo- in effort to appease my husband, I truck on as if it were so. I have been packing something everyday.

Day 1 (June 1st) I packed away all the kids toys, separating into categories. There must have been AT LEAST 6 boxes worth of toys. 6 boxes? YIKES!!!

Day 2 (June 2nd) I packed up my winter clothes and other clothes I'm not really wearing at the moment. I also packed away some books and some picture frames too.

Day 3- (June 3rd) I went through all of my scrapbooking drawers (YES! ALL 9 of them!) and managed to pack them up into 2 very big boxes. Poor guys- they'll be having hernias once they're done carrying my stuff to the new house! lol

Day 4- (June 4th) Packed up all the glass dishes and other breakable kitchen items. 2 cupboards full took up 4 plastic bins! These babies are heavy too! {Happy Birthday MOM!}

Day 5- (June 5th) Went through my scrapbooking corner and found more stickers, photos and other doo-dads to pack away... aren't I finished with this stuff YET?!?!?

Day 6- (June 6th) Backed up all the board games and started putting all the blankets into a separate box. Jim is starting to get on my nerves... he disagrees with how I'm packing stuff- yet, he wanted me to quit my job to do this whole packing thing, he best quit his whining. I'll do it my way- thank you very much! :oP

Day 7- (June 7th) Put all my photograph containers into a GIANT box that I made by combining two large boxes together. Then also fit every single DVD case in a box- boy those two are going to be heavy! lol

Day 8- (June 8th) Jim finally brought some small PC boxes home for me to pack the 'smaller' stuff. So I put all the rarely used kitchen utensils and a few glass baking items in a couple of small boxes. "Watch out! Sharp KNIVES under this paper!"

Day 9- (June 9th) Packed up all the bathroom sundries (except for a few small things that we currently use on a daily basis) This turned out to be 5 small boxes!

1 for all the medicine. Over-the-counter AND Rx pills we are not using anymore. ???
2nd one for all the cologne and other breakable items.
3rd one for all my 'beauty items' like makeup, nail polish, body sprays and hair stuff.
4th one for all of Jim's stuff and all the lotions/creams/misc items.
5th one for all the dental products (plus Brooklyn's breathing treatment machine.)

Crazy isn't it? Now- take a look at the SIZE of our bathrooms and tell me how we're suppose to fit all this UNUSED JUNK in these bathrooms?!?!? omg. we are such hoarders!!!

I'm actually REALLY glad we're downsizing, I always thought we 'needed' a big house for the space. But truth be told, you just end up collecting more and becoming more disorganized with a big house. I like that this small house will help us force to get rid of things we don't use and eventually become so good at organizing and STAYING organized!

So today, being day 10- it also happens to be our 5 year anniversary so I'm not so sure what the plan is but I'm liking the whole 'not having a plan' thing 'cause it gives me complete control over how much I get done without the added pressure that I HAVE to get a certain amount done.

I would LOVE to get my computer desk packed up. Leave only my monitors, keyboard and pc tower. Pack up the scanner, papers and junk. Get it looking ALL clean and organized so that when Jim comes home today he will maybe, just possibly be inspired to clean up HIS desk area which is 10x worse than mine!

Anyhoo- that's it for today!
TTFN, ta ta for now!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Give me my Caffeine!

So this morning I started off with my 3 rules.
1. Do not leave the room before getting 'ready' for the day.

So- Brooklyn woke me up, asking me to take her downstairs to get something to eat. Normally, I would crawl out of bed and drag myself into the pantry and pour her a bowl of cereal. She wasn't so happy with me when I told her that mommy wants to take a shower first. She eventually gave in and decided to stand in the shower with me.

It felt so good to have myself 'ready' before leaving the room. 1st thing I did, I made her some breakfast and then started on a load of dishes. (My 1st and foremost goal.)

2. Do NOT get on the computer, Do NOT sit & watch TV and Do NOT eat breakfast until 1st goal of the day is completed.

This rule helps me TONS. Because if I allow myself to 'stall' on my 1st goal, I will stall all day long. But because I am a woman of comfort and I LOVE MY FOOD- I hurry and get my 1st goal done so that I can EAT!

But, I'm thinking of adding in an amendment to that 2nd rule- "EAT WHILE STANDING" at least for me, to sit on the couch and eat- can get a little too comfortable. Often I want to just relax and let my body sink into the couch as I listen the kids shows behind my eyelids. However, you'll be so proud of me that I DIDN'T! As soon as I started to feel even a LITTLE bit of tired, I popped open a diet dr pepper and wallah... I'm UP and ready to go!

3. Do NOT over CHALLENGE my Skill level/ under CHALLENGE my Skill level.

Each day is different for me (I'm starting to realize) and the more I stick to these 3 rules, the easier it is for me to just 'stay busy' rather than follow a list. Today, I was proud with myself for
a. getting my closet clothes packed
b. getting jim's drawers packed
c. getting our bedroom frames packed
d. doing a couple loads of laundry
e. designed a few logos for a client

If I would've put the above things on a 'to-do list', chances are- my BRAIN would've thought they were too challenging and therefore, I would've felt OVERWHELMED and then been lazy all day. But I just 'did as I felt' (for the most part) and felt I did pretty good for having a relaxed yet productive day.

Tomorrow is French Toast stick day... I'm setting my alarm as we speak. Trevor is here, so I might have him stay home with 'whomever isn't up yet' ;o)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ok, so here is my BIG accomplishment today.

I didn’t make a ‘list’ like I have done recently these last few days- I just told myself 3 simple rules

1. Do NOT leave my bedroom until I’m fully dressed with brushed teeth, combed hair, deodorant and EVERYTHING. (just like I normally did before going to work.)

2. Do NOT pass go, do not collect $200.

a. No computer

b. No TV

c. No breakfast until I have completed the 1st thing on my to do list

3. Do NOT mismatch the challenge to the skill. Too much expectation on myself will only result in the feeling of failure if I do not reach my goal. And not ENOUGH challenge will only leave me feeling bored and unmotivated completely. To live in ‘the flow’ I need to do like Nike commercials say and “JUST DO IT”. If I wrote out a goal sheet for me today, I might feel like failed in some way- but when I just met my goals head on as I approached them it didn’t seem like such an uphill battle.

So- as a ‘reward’ to myself, I allowed to get on facebook. I know, I know, I’m addicted- but I made it a whole 24 hours and I’m VERY proud at all I was able to accomplish in that time frame. J yippee!

Anyhoo- that’s all for tonight- I will talk to you later gator!