Friday, June 10, 2011

Junk Galore!

Sorry I haven't been writing- you may not have noticed, nor have cared- but packin daily has literally kicked my butt. I don't have much energy to type... or think for that matter. :o/

So today is Day 10 of this '21 days to move' thing.

Yup, that's right. Jim thinks we're moving INTO our new house on the 21st of June. Why? He's not sure why he thinks that- he says it's 'hunch', a 'feeling', he can just "SEE IT" happening on that day for some reason.


Anyhoo- in effort to appease my husband, I truck on as if it were so. I have been packing something everyday.

Day 1 (June 1st) I packed away all the kids toys, separating into categories. There must have been AT LEAST 6 boxes worth of toys. 6 boxes? YIKES!!!

Day 2 (June 2nd) I packed up my winter clothes and other clothes I'm not really wearing at the moment. I also packed away some books and some picture frames too.

Day 3- (June 3rd) I went through all of my scrapbooking drawers (YES! ALL 9 of them!) and managed to pack them up into 2 very big boxes. Poor guys- they'll be having hernias once they're done carrying my stuff to the new house! lol

Day 4- (June 4th) Packed up all the glass dishes and other breakable kitchen items. 2 cupboards full took up 4 plastic bins! These babies are heavy too! {Happy Birthday MOM!}

Day 5- (June 5th) Went through my scrapbooking corner and found more stickers, photos and other doo-dads to pack away... aren't I finished with this stuff YET?!?!?

Day 6- (June 6th) Backed up all the board games and started putting all the blankets into a separate box. Jim is starting to get on my nerves... he disagrees with how I'm packing stuff- yet, he wanted me to quit my job to do this whole packing thing, he best quit his whining. I'll do it my way- thank you very much! :oP

Day 7- (June 7th) Put all my photograph containers into a GIANT box that I made by combining two large boxes together. Then also fit every single DVD case in a box- boy those two are going to be heavy! lol

Day 8- (June 8th) Jim finally brought some small PC boxes home for me to pack the 'smaller' stuff. So I put all the rarely used kitchen utensils and a few glass baking items in a couple of small boxes. "Watch out! Sharp KNIVES under this paper!"

Day 9- (June 9th) Packed up all the bathroom sundries (except for a few small things that we currently use on a daily basis) This turned out to be 5 small boxes!

1 for all the medicine. Over-the-counter AND Rx pills we are not using anymore. ???
2nd one for all the cologne and other breakable items.
3rd one for all my 'beauty items' like makeup, nail polish, body sprays and hair stuff.
4th one for all of Jim's stuff and all the lotions/creams/misc items.
5th one for all the dental products (plus Brooklyn's breathing treatment machine.)

Crazy isn't it? Now- take a look at the SIZE of our bathrooms and tell me how we're suppose to fit all this UNUSED JUNK in these bathrooms?!?!? omg. we are such hoarders!!!

I'm actually REALLY glad we're downsizing, I always thought we 'needed' a big house for the space. But truth be told, you just end up collecting more and becoming more disorganized with a big house. I like that this small house will help us force to get rid of things we don't use and eventually become so good at organizing and STAYING organized!

So today, being day 10- it also happens to be our 5 year anniversary so I'm not so sure what the plan is but I'm liking the whole 'not having a plan' thing 'cause it gives me complete control over how much I get done without the added pressure that I HAVE to get a certain amount done.

I would LOVE to get my computer desk packed up. Leave only my monitors, keyboard and pc tower. Pack up the scanner, papers and junk. Get it looking ALL clean and organized so that when Jim comes home today he will maybe, just possibly be inspired to clean up HIS desk area which is 10x worse than mine!

Anyhoo- that's it for today!
TTFN, ta ta for now!

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