Saturday, June 25, 2011

Organizing Clutter

Organizing Clutter- ha! Sounds like a Oxymoron, doesn't it? LoL

I feel soooo accomplished today! I grabbed about 10 'cluttered' boxes and
separated them all out into categories- now, I have 8 organized boxes- packed and ready to to go in the 'uhaul' pile. (ALONG WITH A HUGE 'TRASH-IT' PILE & A BIG DONATION BOX) WOOT WOOT!

How did I do it?

I was intimidated by it at first, TRUST ME! If you have clutter boxes, you know what it feels like to just even THINK about going through them.

What are clutter boxes? You know, when you're in a hurry to clean up and you don't have time to put things 'away'- and if you're even a TAD bit of a hoarder like me, NOTHING goes in the trash until it's absoultey TRASHABLE... ya, that's when you get a box and throw all the clutter in it and stuff it in a corner, in a closet or perhaps- it graduates to the garage...

My clutter boxes go CLEAR back to my Tucson days. I STILL had never gone through bills/clutter/photos etc since 2005! With each move I just transfered the boxes to either another box, or another corner-

But I didn't want to start the same bad habit - so here is what I did to organize the chaos, step-by-step:

1. Made a list of all the different 'things' that I had in my 'cluttered' boxes.

* Memorabilia items
* Photos
* Journals
* Magazines/Books
* Office Supplies
* Kids toys
* Computer supplies
* Bathroom / Hair Items
* Wall hangings (shelves/picture frames)
* Craft stuff
* Pens/pencils/crayons & Markers
* Holiday stuff
2. I then printed my list and cut up each 'category' to help remind me of my goal.
3. I then gathered aprox 8 empty boxes and taped their 'name' tag to each box
4. I then Put 6 empty boxes on my bed and the other 6 boxes around the room.
5. I then grabbed individual clutter boxes and worked on one at a time. Separeting items as I pulled them out of the box. (I didn't do it alone, I had the TV going the whole time- it helped me stay distracted JUST ENOUGH to stay busy.)
6. 10 clutter boxes later (as well as about several hours in the last 2 days) I had 8 finished boxes.
7. Now, all I have to do is tape them up /label them and get them ready to go to the new house.

But! Organization doesn't stop there!

8. At the new house, I will have a designated area for each 'catagory' and the overflow will be items to sell/donate.

So proud! What a productful day I've had! :o)

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