Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ok, so here is my BIG accomplishment today.

I didn’t make a ‘list’ like I have done recently these last few days- I just told myself 3 simple rules

1. Do NOT leave my bedroom until I’m fully dressed with brushed teeth, combed hair, deodorant and EVERYTHING. (just like I normally did before going to work.)

2. Do NOT pass go, do not collect $200.

a. No computer

b. No TV

c. No breakfast until I have completed the 1st thing on my to do list

3. Do NOT mismatch the challenge to the skill. Too much expectation on myself will only result in the feeling of failure if I do not reach my goal. And not ENOUGH challenge will only leave me feeling bored and unmotivated completely. To live in ‘the flow’ I need to do like Nike commercials say and “JUST DO IT”. If I wrote out a goal sheet for me today, I might feel like failed in some way- but when I just met my goals head on as I approached them it didn’t seem like such an uphill battle.

So- as a ‘reward’ to myself, I allowed to get on facebook. I know, I know, I’m addicted- but I made it a whole 24 hours and I’m VERY proud at all I was able to accomplish in that time frame. J yippee!

Anyhoo- that’s all for tonight- I will talk to you later gator!

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