Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Facebook or Blog?

Facebook (to me) has been my way of having an audience. I love the idea that people are interested in my life. I also love showing an interest in the lives of others. Because of my love for Facebook and this 'sharing the spotlight' with others- I will always keep my account open. However, having dozens of friends and family members that I never talk to but KEEP as my fb friend (for whatever the reason) makes it difficult to know who I'm really 'sharing' my thoughts with.

So, I've decided to post LESS to my facebook walls/albums and share more on my personal blog- but, I only want to share it with a very select few...

LOL- Jim would probably think I'm pretty pathetic if he could read this right-about now...

I just wanna know who my fans are, that's all. :o)

Geez, fans- I've got such a big ego about myself right now, don't I? lol

Eh, oh well- this is me. Like it, LOVE it or Leave.

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