Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem to HomeLovers

I know your time is valuable
But frankly- mine is too

That’s why I just decided
I’ll write a poem just for you

For 3 months I’ve been working
At HomeLovers LLC

As much as I have loved it
I’m afraid it’s not meant to be

It’s just not smart to stay here
Despite the way I feel

With two kids still in daycare
I can’t even pay 1 bill

I’ve hem hawed these last few weeks
I’ve hinted and I’ve pleaded

To stay, I need a raise please
But not sure if I’m needed

I thought I was doing great
I am good with people and such

But my 90 days have come
And no one’s ever said much

So here I am just waiting
Till Dave and Mike ‘have time’

To talk to me about options
‘stead of listening to me rhyme

I’ve thought about becoming licensed
I’ve thought about working from home

But if HomeLovers doesn’t want me
Then it’s time that I move on

Can you afford to keep me?
‘Cause I’d really like to stay-

I’d need thirteen an hour
Or from home, $60 a day

Is there a future here with you guys?
If not, then that’s okay.

So I’ll sum it but by telling you
I’ll work till the 10th of May.