Sunday, July 10, 2011

Overwhelmed Opal

As I sit here at my desk at 8:12 in the morning, I am doing my best to get over this migraine of mine. I've had it since yesterday, of course- (when it started to get increasingly worse.) I didn't finally take something for it until an hour ago. I know, I'm not so smart. :o(

Most days, I get migraines when I'm EXTREMELY stressed or when I simply have not had any caffeine. I had 2 or 3 Dr peppers yesterday, so I know it wasn't the lack of soda... that tells you one thing: STRESS.

By chance, I got to meet a VERY chaotic woman yesterday- her name was Overwhelmed Opal. She arrived at the new house we are currently moving into. She was dazed, confused but also - she still had that WIDE eyed "HOLY SHIT" look on her face like she was ready to lose it. I could tell right away she wouldn't be helping much today.

You see, her brother was arriving into town soon and he was not just coming for a visit, he was coming to stay for a few days. She was trying to get husband to grasp the idea (let alone 'okay' it.) He was (to put it nicely) 'annoyingly surprised' but dealing with his attitude of it all seemed to be the most challenging part of her day. She had no problem picking her brother up in Chandler (along with his wife, 2 little kids and 2 dogs) But then you add onto the fact that she had to be at my house to help paint, clean up (what have you) AND watch my 2 little kids was just a recipe for disaster.

She did her best to not break under the scrutiny of her husband, the pressures from me (to get SOME work done) and the chaos from my loud, tired, hungry, messy, easily stressed kids.

Her brother and his family were rather the LEAST of all her problems. (Distracting, yes- but not stressful at all.)

She did her best to be social, have fun and relax- but with a day like yesterday (coming down from all angles) it's amazing she was able to get at least 1 thing done: Cleaning the fridge.

Today, however- will be a much better day. With Overwhelmed Opal gone, Eva Everything will be to do much more at 9. :o)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet "Polly Pack-It"

So today, I knew that I had set up a time for Polly to come over, but I emailed to work so I had her postpone coming until after the kids woke up from nap.

And of course, she wasn't able to do much at all.

Polly is known for her "PROFESSIONAL & SPEEDY PACKING" And because we're moving it seemed like the PERFECT thing we need right now.

She came in, she could see right away that one tall/heavy box was 90% full, she grabbed some bedsheets- stuffed it to the top and taped it up. "NEXT" she said to me, I then pointed to the toy box that is left in Matthew's room.

We decided this last weekend that we could go ahead and put some larger toy items in the toy box and tape it up. She grabbed a giant pooh bear, the wooden rocking horse, a large plastic gun and stiraphome sword. Then Polly went to grab the lid for the toy box. "EWW!" The cats had peed on the lid of the toy box.

Grrr. I take the lid outside with a big tub of vinegar- I drizzle the rest of the vinegar all over that stinkin lid. Grrrrrr (some more) a few minutes later, I hose it off and dry it with a towel.

She tapes the lid onto the toy box and places it on top of our 'moving' pile.

Once that was done, she helped me with some laundry, dishes and cleaned up the front room. She got out the vacuum and was very patient as she waited for Matthew to freak out about every little item on the floor.

Once done, she could see that I was fine with matching socks and she took off.

I asked her if she'd be back tomorrow morning to do Brooklyn's closet and she said she'll let me know.

That was Polly... I liked her. I just want MORE of her. ;o)

Monday, July 4, 2011

What the heck!?!?

So, I find myself being very frustrated... with everything really.

Right now, it's ME. I'm frustrated with me. I have the tendency to transfer blame and with Jim being the only one in my life that I feel who 'controls' me- I transfer a lot of blame to him.

What's wrong with me? Well, for starters- I'm lazy. I'm unmotivated, inconsistent and a slob. There are pockets throughout the day that I try really hard NOT to be, but when I'm not trying- I'm the most disgusting person I know.

I want help. I want to LEARN how to be a good housewife, a better mom and I want to STAY GOOD for awhile.

Today, I came across an ad for a lady who sold new & used baby shoes. Of course, I thought "Hey! I can do that, I've got LOTS of shoes from EACH of my kids." I mention the idea to Jim that I could open up own little 'online thrift store', I could call it "Brooklyn's Closet" and I could sell all the things she's growing out of at really cheap rates. He balked at the idea, (like he does with ALL of my ideas) and the more and more I thought about it, the more I talked myself out of it.

If you could slice my brain open, I could tell you what you'd find. I know all I'm doing is fishing for my 'calling'. I know I won't find it- not right now anyway. Especially with Jim's inapt to support me at ANYTHING I wanna do.

My calling is right around the corner tho, I can feel it. I saw this My Little Pony cartoon earlier today, they were talking about the little pony's 'cutie marks'. Each pony gets his or her cutie mark when they discover what is special about them. Until then, their flank is blank.

That's it! I have a blank flank. I used to think it was to be a mommy- and even though I love being a mommy more than anything in the world, my brain is MUCH more hungry than just that. I need something more- I need something to occupy my mind on a daily basis. I need something challenging, fun and fulfilling.

Uh- I want to know what it is I'm suppose to be doing. I want to know what 'thing' Jim will be okay with me doing. (rolling my eyes) You see that, I don't feel I should have to get his permission before I feel utterly and completely passionate about something. If I'm passionate then hey, I'm passionate- and what ever you do, don't try to stop this Pollard!

I think that's just the way it's gonna have to be, just like naming our 2nd child together. We couldn't agree on anything. I knew I had always wanted at least 2 or 3 girls someday, I HAD NAMES picked out for them too!

But there I was, 7 months pregnant and I was having my one and only girl. I should have been able to name her whatever I wanted... but Jim wanted to at least 'like' her name and we couldn't agree on one we both liked. Our solution, we came up with our own 'LIST' of names we each liked. We then thought, "Okay, once we're done with this list- we can compare lists and see if there is any name(s) that we BOTH had on our list." We then turned our 'cards' over and to our disappointment, we didn't have ANY name in common.

Jim then thought, "ok- I'll pick one name from your list and you pick one name from mine and there you go- we have 2 names." I was fine with that idea, as long our babies 1st name was from my list.

That's when Jim came up with Brooklyn Deelany. He thought the Delany name was cute but to add an extra E for my dad. (It was, and still is- the sweetest thing he has EVER done for me.)

Only problem is, I LOVED the name Brooklyn but HATED the name Delany. But I sat on it, and sat on it and came up with Brooklyn Deelana- with an A at the end. For some reason, it just sounded better to me. I couldn't figure out why.

Then, as I thought about it more- it hit me like a ton of bricks, "Ah-ha! It's your mom's name! Delena! It's the name she wanted to give you if you were a girl!" We were both pretty excited about it. Just adding the extra E and we have ourselves a winner.

So perhaps that's what I'll do for my 'cutie mark' idea. I'll come up with a bunch of career paths that I could go down and then have him pick and choose what he thinks would be a good idea for me. Once we can talk about each idea and agree, I'd love to move forward with it.

Right now, my cutie mark is 'supposed' to be house mom. But I think him and I both see how that's working for us... not very well at all!

Anyhoo, I'll keep you posted - who ever 'you' are. Even though I've shared this blog site with a handful of people, I don't know who is actually reading and I'm not so sure I 'should' care... but I do. All I know is, my husband could care LESS about what I was truly thinking... he has yet to learn more about the real me. :'o(

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Maude" the Mean Mom Maid

I was taking a nap when all of a sudden this MEAN woman stormed through the house. She was cranky, gripping and cleaning all angry like.

She could tell that I was tired, burnt out and needed a break- the kids had trashed the house (again) and she knew that if she didn't clean it up NOBODY ELSE WOULD.

Starting with the front room, she grabbed the watermelon that was smooshed all over the carpet, she picked up the new puzzle pieces that the kids just got from Grandma, she cleaned up the Pony coloring pages and crayons that Brooklyn was just playing with and then she moved to the kitchen with an arm full of dishes, trash and dirty clothes.

She changed over the laundry, asking my husband if he wanted WHITES or JEANS cleaned 1st. When he said whites, that was perfect timing because Brooklyn JUST had another accident- all over her white panties. ugh- I probably would've beaten Brook to death but this Mean Mom Maid just took Brook's hand, walked her up the stairs and stuck her into the shower. She gave Brooklyn a loufa and squirted some body wash on it. She barked "Clean yourself up and DON'T make a mess!" She headed downstairs after delegating to my husband the simple job of getting Brooklyn out of the shower in 3 minutes.

When she headed downstairs with a basket full of dingy whites, I could tell she was on a war path- but instead of destruction- it was a path to production. She tossed the delegates in the washer and made a pitcher of tea and a pitcher of crystal lite.

Then, she grabbed the pots and pans and gave a 'heavy duty' load to the dishwasher. She also grabbed the kids little table and covered it in soap. I thought, ok- she's gonna take it outside and hose it down... but nope- she took it outside and plopped it upside down in the kid's empty swimming pool and barely filled it up with the warm hose water. Ah-ha! She's soaking it, for SIMPLE scrubbing later! haha, I like her already!

It hadn't even been 30 minutes and she had already done so much. And just as quickly as she came in, she left. But not before giving me her name- Maude. What a terrible name, right? Well, not for her- it suits her. She's the meanest, cleanest QUICKEST mom maid I've ever seen. She'll defiantly be back again.