Sunday, July 10, 2011

Overwhelmed Opal

As I sit here at my desk at 8:12 in the morning, I am doing my best to get over this migraine of mine. I've had it since yesterday, of course- (when it started to get increasingly worse.) I didn't finally take something for it until an hour ago. I know, I'm not so smart. :o(

Most days, I get migraines when I'm EXTREMELY stressed or when I simply have not had any caffeine. I had 2 or 3 Dr peppers yesterday, so I know it wasn't the lack of soda... that tells you one thing: STRESS.

By chance, I got to meet a VERY chaotic woman yesterday- her name was Overwhelmed Opal. She arrived at the new house we are currently moving into. She was dazed, confused but also - she still had that WIDE eyed "HOLY SHIT" look on her face like she was ready to lose it. I could tell right away she wouldn't be helping much today.

You see, her brother was arriving into town soon and he was not just coming for a visit, he was coming to stay for a few days. She was trying to get husband to grasp the idea (let alone 'okay' it.) He was (to put it nicely) 'annoyingly surprised' but dealing with his attitude of it all seemed to be the most challenging part of her day. She had no problem picking her brother up in Chandler (along with his wife, 2 little kids and 2 dogs) But then you add onto the fact that she had to be at my house to help paint, clean up (what have you) AND watch my 2 little kids was just a recipe for disaster.

She did her best to not break under the scrutiny of her husband, the pressures from me (to get SOME work done) and the chaos from my loud, tired, hungry, messy, easily stressed kids.

Her brother and his family were rather the LEAST of all her problems. (Distracting, yes- but not stressful at all.)

She did her best to be social, have fun and relax- but with a day like yesterday (coming down from all angles) it's amazing she was able to get at least 1 thing done: Cleaning the fridge.

Today, however- will be a much better day. With Overwhelmed Opal gone, Eva Everything will be to do much more at 9. :o)

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