Saturday, August 6, 2011


I struggle with finding some happiness
In this 'so-called: LIFE' you provide
I struggle to find some compassion
I've lost all my confidence and pride

I struggle to find my emotion
As I wonder if LOVE is still there
I struggle to find my composure
These feelings I won't longer bare.

I struggle with the loss of my husband
and coming to terms with the 'boss' I now have
I struggle with the loss of my family
I'm still trying to not see you as Dad.

I struggle to find a soft balance
Between what I want and I what I need
I struggle to gain my own strength back
Leaving you is on my mind in deed.

I struggle to resist the temptation
To take drugs or should I learn how to deal
I struggle to not call up a doctor
at lease SHE would understand how I feel

I struggle to put it all in prospective
Should I go, struggle then or just stay?
I struggle with the whole realization
No matter what- my struggles won't go away.

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