Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crystal's Crazy Coupons-Trip 4

Trip 4 wasn't so 'special' but I couldn't pass up 4 cent Turkey slices, right?

Exactly- so I went.

I only had 1 coupon but imagine what I could've done if I had 10!

I went to Safeway tonight with
the intention to buy only 5 items.
1. 2 packages of lunchmeat 4 cents each
2. 1 package of Glade scented oil refills, 50 cents (is what I thought I read somewhere)
3. 1 big tub of country crock butter, $1.49
4. 1 package of store brand shredded cheese, $1.99
5. 1 bag of kitty cat treats, 75 cents.

Well, Even though my $5 trip multiplied quickly as I arrived, I still managed to get $28 worth of stuff for just $13.

Check it out:

1. Lunch Meat
2. no refills- my brain couldn't rap my head around it, or maybe I just couldn't find it. (so I got Bleach instead)
3. 1 small tub of country crock butter, (damn fine print!)
4. 1 package of store brand shredded cheese
5. 1 bag of kitty cat treats
and then for the add on 'excuses'

I saw the clearance items: Dole juice and Yoplait kids yogurt- 50% off!
The personal sized watermelons, just $1.49 and because I couldn't get my BIG tub of butter- I got the sticks instead. Not on sale, but still under $2. (I plan to do a lot of baking soon so I know these will come in handy)

Here is my total. :o) are you ready?

Yup, only $12.78- saving almost as much as I was spending.

And even tho that's only 50% savings, my goal is to one day see that 50 number climb to 80 or even 90% savings!!!

It's gonna take time, it's gonna be a lot of work. But I think I can do it! :o)

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