Friday, August 26, 2011

Crystal's Crazy Coupons-Trip 2

Next day, went to Fry's-
with $41 in my pocket. Hoping I would 'stay-on-task'. But truth be told, they had a lot of GREAT DEALS, and hey- we haven't b
een able to go grocery shopping in WEEKS. With the fridge being out and the money being tight, it was time to get the essentials again.

Here's how I did on Trip 2.

My total was just a little bit over $60- but I saved $36.72.

Here's a glimpse of my receipt.

I'm not as proud as an EXTREME COUPONER would be, but I'm proud to start. I'm proud to be on the look-out for great deals. My years of practice to 'stick-to-a-budget' have prepared me for this decision to start using coupons and combined with my anal retentive ways, I'm sure I'll be a success!

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