Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crystal's Crazy Coupons-Trip 3

For Trip 3, I'm gonna give this one to Jim. He surprised me today when he took the kids to K-Mart today (instead of the intended McDonald's.) He wanted to buy Brooklyn a new pair of shoes.

Of course, buying his little girl a pair of shoes DOES come along with some obvious repercussions... such as: "but daddy, that's not tink

-a-bell suez!" and then Matt saying, "I want dis daddy" and "I want dat daddy". Once 2 pairs of shoes were picked out and a toy for the boy, Dad couldn't help but check out the mens clothes for himself- he could see CLEARANCE marked every which way he turned. Couple of outfits later, he found himself in the women's section- hoping to surprise his wife for an outfit as well...

You get the idea.
As I cringe to the sounds of bags approaching me when they arrived home- I found myself asking "how much did you spend?!!"

"Here, let me show you everything 1st."

I was for certain after I saw the 2 pair of little girl shoes, Lightning McQueen foam puzzle set, a pair of men's shorts, men's pants and a shirt, then add on my 'cute' outfit (pink shirt and blue capri's) and not to mention the licensed character socks for each toddler, and a My Little Pony doll... I KNEW the total was well over $100.

But surprisingly enough, he SAVED more than he spent! Check it out!

Now if only I can convince him to take a coupon with him when he goes, he'll be trained! ;o)

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