Sunday, September 4, 2011

Walgreens -Trip 5

So, I made it through the entire week of not buying 'just because I had the coupon for "IT" ' (as I laugh at myself) - lol

But when I FINALLY scored some extra Peanut Butter coupons this afternoon, I knew I HAD to go to WALGREEN'S today!
Here is the pic from a blog post I read earlier this week that sparked this shopping trip.

So, my trip went a little something like this...

75 cent peanut butters, check- times that by 6- no problem... what a huge savings within it self!
Tomato soup's on sale for 99 cents? Awesome, but Walgreen's has a coupon for 59 cents up to 3 cans. Woot woot, I'll be doing that, thank you! Mandarin oranges, 2 for $1- awesome, kids will LOVE these! Cereal is cheap too (kinda) 5 for $10- but I have coupons, that makes them $1.50 each... oh ya. That's a good buy! Oh wow, buy 4 bags of M&M's and get $5 back at the register. Cha ching!

Thirty something dollars and 3 separate/different Walgreen trips later- I came home as one proud COUPONER! ;o)

Here is a pic of what I scored tonight!

I forgot to tell you the best part!!!
I intended on spending $2.99 for each of the Maxwell House Instant Coffee's (that is WITH the current Walgreen's coupon from last Sunday's paper) but when I got there, I saw a small peely coupon for 55 cents off.

Turns out, when I looked at my receipt- I scored this delicious, most addicting flavored instant coffee for just $1.09 PLUS my 55 cent off coupon!!!! Cha ching Cha ching!

I am going back tomorrow to score some more. :o)
I am one happy camper- thanks to my Frani Freebie Friend- she helped me score all the peanut butter and has given me the skills and confidence to move forward. Woot woot!

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