Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet "Polly Pack-It"

So today, I knew that I had set up a time for Polly to come over, but I emailed to work so I had her postpone coming until after the kids woke up from nap.

And of course, she wasn't able to do much at all.

Polly is known for her "PROFESSIONAL & SPEEDY PACKING" And because we're moving it seemed like the PERFECT thing we need right now.

She came in, she could see right away that one tall/heavy box was 90% full, she grabbed some bedsheets- stuffed it to the top and taped it up. "NEXT" she said to me, I then pointed to the toy box that is left in Matthew's room.

We decided this last weekend that we could go ahead and put some larger toy items in the toy box and tape it up. She grabbed a giant pooh bear, the wooden rocking horse, a large plastic gun and stiraphome sword. Then Polly went to grab the lid for the toy box. "EWW!" The cats had peed on the lid of the toy box.

Grrr. I take the lid outside with a big tub of vinegar- I drizzle the rest of the vinegar all over that stinkin lid. Grrrrrr (some more) a few minutes later, I hose it off and dry it with a towel.

She tapes the lid onto the toy box and places it on top of our 'moving' pile.

Once that was done, she helped me with some laundry, dishes and cleaned up the front room. She got out the vacuum and was very patient as she waited for Matthew to freak out about every little item on the floor.

Once done, she could see that I was fine with matching socks and she took off.

I asked her if she'd be back tomorrow morning to do Brooklyn's closet and she said she'll let me know.

That was Polly... I liked her. I just want MORE of her. ;o)

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