Thursday, June 2, 2011

Give me my Caffeine!

So this morning I started off with my 3 rules.
1. Do not leave the room before getting 'ready' for the day.

So- Brooklyn woke me up, asking me to take her downstairs to get something to eat. Normally, I would crawl out of bed and drag myself into the pantry and pour her a bowl of cereal. She wasn't so happy with me when I told her that mommy wants to take a shower first. She eventually gave in and decided to stand in the shower with me.

It felt so good to have myself 'ready' before leaving the room. 1st thing I did, I made her some breakfast and then started on a load of dishes. (My 1st and foremost goal.)

2. Do NOT get on the computer, Do NOT sit & watch TV and Do NOT eat breakfast until 1st goal of the day is completed.

This rule helps me TONS. Because if I allow myself to 'stall' on my 1st goal, I will stall all day long. But because I am a woman of comfort and I LOVE MY FOOD- I hurry and get my 1st goal done so that I can EAT!

But, I'm thinking of adding in an amendment to that 2nd rule- "EAT WHILE STANDING" at least for me, to sit on the couch and eat- can get a little too comfortable. Often I want to just relax and let my body sink into the couch as I listen the kids shows behind my eyelids. However, you'll be so proud of me that I DIDN'T! As soon as I started to feel even a LITTLE bit of tired, I popped open a diet dr pepper and wallah... I'm UP and ready to go!

3. Do NOT over CHALLENGE my Skill level/ under CHALLENGE my Skill level.

Each day is different for me (I'm starting to realize) and the more I stick to these 3 rules, the easier it is for me to just 'stay busy' rather than follow a list. Today, I was proud with myself for
a. getting my closet clothes packed
b. getting jim's drawers packed
c. getting our bedroom frames packed
d. doing a couple loads of laundry
e. designed a few logos for a client

If I would've put the above things on a 'to-do list', chances are- my BRAIN would've thought they were too challenging and therefore, I would've felt OVERWHELMED and then been lazy all day. But I just 'did as I felt' (for the most part) and felt I did pretty good for having a relaxed yet productive day.

Tomorrow is French Toast stick day... I'm setting my alarm as we speak. Trevor is here, so I might have him stay home with 'whomever isn't up yet' ;o)

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