Monday, February 7, 2011

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today i've had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. :o(

1. I dragged myself to work because I'm still in my 'first 90 day period' and couldn't stop hackin as i was on the phone. I rushed to the employee kitchen as i handed my call off to the 1st co-worker that walked in the door. I was so embarrassed as I knew EVERYONE could hear me dry heaving in the trash can. ugh!

2. The girls were kind enough to conspire a plan to get me home. The boss agreed to it only after 30 minutes of me arriving to work. I rushed to the doctor's office to finally get the care that I needed. What's horrible is I don't have PTO time so there goes $80 off my paycheck.

No Good:
3. I feel No GOOD. Jim is doing his best to take care of me but all I really want is my mommy. Not the mom that's too busy to call and ask me how I'm doing, the mommy that I remember who would hold me, rock me and sing me to sleep when I was sick. I can't stop crying everytime I remember that mommy. I miss her so much!

Very Bad:
4. To top it all off- Matt and Brook had to BEG me for baths right now, so as I lay on the bed with my laptop surfin facebook- Matt screams to me "BROOK! BROOK! You POOPED YOUR PANTS IN DA BAF TUB!" Ugh, jerked them out- drained the water- and now I've got a big turd to clean up. YUCK!

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