Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Truth about Santa

So I bet you've always wondered

The REAL story behind the tale…

Without the magic or the make believe

It’s just not as much fun to tell.

We’re not talking about some bunny,

or a fairy who takes your tooth

We’re talking about the Santa myth

All exaggerated to hide the truth.

Yes, this guy is real

but he lives under a different name

Working hard and giving lots-

The stories are almost the same

Santa doesn’t live in the North

Infact, he lives really close by.

With Mrs. Claus- they’re always watching

And trust me, his ride can fly!

But he cannot be ‘Santa’ alone

He gets help from the Mrs. you see…

Giving gifts more than one time a year,

To their friends, their family and me!

Always watching and always loving

They have been Santa Jim and his Mrs

Giving freely without conditions

Except for hugs, conversations and kisses.

Thank you Jim & Donna

For always giving of yourselves

Not just at Christmas but everyday


Your happy 6 small elves.

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