Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wahoo! $6.00

Today, I spent the better part of my day working hard for JUST a few bucks. Yup, hours and hours focused to make only $6.00.

I knew it wasn't going to be much, but my terrible habit of attention to detail wouldn't let me quit.

You see, I found a picture on the Internet of some Polar Express tickets. Knowing I could never re-sell the tickets at face value just by printing them, I thought it would be a neat idea to create invitations out of them, or perhaps scrapbook mementos.

I have had a handful of people interested in these tickets so I'm only selling them for $4.00 for the 1st sheet and 1.50 for each sheet after that.

But the darn printer won't line them up perfectly (2 sided) and so I had to print, cut and then adjust, print, cut and then re-adjust one last time, reprint one last time and cut one last time and even though they STILL weren't 'perfect' I knew I had spent more than enough time on them and they did look 'decent'.

I'm embarrassed to put my name on them, honestly- but as soon as Jim got home, I drove out in the rain with 2 screaming toddlers. I met my customer in the parking lot of Target- she was young, skinny, petite, pretty... all those things you can't help but notice when you feel so old, fat and ugly. She greeted me with a smile and I did my best to make small chit chat but was nervous that she wouldn't want to 'buy' my work.

She handed me the $6.00 and then I jumped back into my car. I knew right away what I wanted to spend my money on.

Matthew & Brooklyn.

My poor kids have been couped up in the house for MONTHS. No friends, no playgrounds, no fun time. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. My mother-in-law has been taking us out to McDonald's once a week. It gets me out of the house and some normal adult time. Besides, the kids love to climb the play equipment and spend 'yummy' time with Gramma!

So, I did my own little special one-on-one time with my kids. I spent my $6.00 on an iced coffee for me- and got them 1 small french fries and two cookies. They had a blast getting that extra time to play before bedtime. I took them to go potty and we went home.

Ya, even though the $6 that I worked so hard for is gone, so is that day. The day I ignored my kids to make $6.

Although- it does make me feel better to know that I spent that money on them in the end. (oh, and ya- that Iced Coffee was for me, I DID reward myself with a $2.50 drink.)

Perhaps next time I'll shoot for $20.00 :o)

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