Monday, March 28, 2011

We lost her!

Jim went to wake Brooklyn up this morning (our usual weekday routine) and she was MISSING! - * - * - * - WTF?
Where could she have gone? He checked downstairs, her brother's room, the closet... she was no where to be found. I rushed out of my shower and went searching with Jim (while in my towel... that's how worried I was) and as soon as we went back into her room and called out her name, we could hear a wimper. It was Brooklyn! Phew... she had fallen asleep UNDER her bed. And not just any bed, she was under her 'low-to-the-floor' toddler bed! Poor thing... I tried asking her why she was under there, she didn't know why. Thank goodness she was SOMEWHERE tho! :o)

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