Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Jim is GREAT!

I just had to clarify a few things…

My Jim is great. I really don’t mean to complain about him- I guess you can say that the only reason why I do it is to ‘vent’, but that’s only ‘cause we (women) need to let off some steam once in awhile and I don’t want to blow off my steam to my oh-so-wonderful husband. And who else do I have that I can talk to? YOU! J

The truth is. I love him- I do. Yes, I wish we were a little bit more lovey dovey & more respectful of each other, but all in all- we are a pretty amazing pair. You see…

My husband takes care of me and his kids. He’s our protector and provider. He loves me, he loves his family and in everything he does he thinks of us first. In return I take care of my husband, I love him and I take care of our home (to the best that I can) and our children. In everything I do -I think of him and the children first.

Sometimes I think we both forget that it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice to raise a family like ours. (4 kids ranging in different ages, blended but simple) There are days that I am at my wits ends and I wish I had more time, energy, help and LOVE! But on the whole, I muster up my will power to be the best wife and mother I can be.

I am not surprised by the hours it takes to wake up, dress the kids, go to work, come home, feed, play, bathe, clean and yes, sometimes I cook too. What I am surprised by is that my hubby’s there to help me with every bit of it. Plus, I am so grateful and surprised that he doesn’t get overwhelmed too often. I am also in awe that in this day and age I have a man who loves and protects his family so selflessly and joyfully.

He is a husband and dad that arrives home from work ready to ‘get the night started’. Some days he has a relaxing break from the work day, for at least a little while, but some days there is no such thing. When the kids and I walk in the door- most days, we’re laughing and he gets to see a pretty wife with happy kids. But other days, he witnesses crying fits and it’s a frazzled who wife greets him. In both scenarios, he jumps right in to whatever the evening has in store like he’s hard wired to do so. He is a dad that: changes diapers, wipes noses, takes the trash out, does the yard work, mops & vacuums floors, reads stories, budgets the bills and cleans up the kitchen too! He is even a dad that helps cook dinner on a regular basis. (And he’s a darn good cook I might add.)

So- just to put him in the light of a more ‘loving’ vibe… my husband is a wonderful father and helps me tremendously on a daily basis. I know how easy it can be get carried away when we start complaining about our loved ones, so I just wanted to balance it out with the silver lining of our marriage.

Thanks for reading. See you around soon, I’m sure.

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