Friday, May 27, 2011

1st Friday FrenchToastStick Day = Grade: F+!

I feel so crummy today. I failed to pick up JADE for our 1st celebration of “FRIDAY FRENCH TOAST STICK DAY”. The one and only reason I recommended starting it was to stay in touch and I blew it!
Unintentionally of course, I set my alarm- but when I naturally woke up at 8:08 am, my kids were still sleeping and I couldn’t find my phone. After a little while of searching for it, I found it- on the kitchen counter plugged in. My husband must’ve been trying to be NICE by making sure it was well charged. L Where I FAILED was I probably should’ve told him that I WANTED to wake up early today, he would’ve made sure I did. sigh…

I called JADE right away and apologized for making her late/wonder/worry/upset- whatever the consequences were, I felt so bad.

I notice that when I feel bad about something, I have hard time picking myself UP to the original ‘feel good’ place. Some might call it a slight form of depression, I don’t know- I just call it lazy.

In either case,
I still have not done a SINGLE thing today, (except make breakfast and make lunch) I feel like such a BUMP on the LOG. I need motivation, I want to be IN THE FLOW.

Today's Goals

1. Now that kids are just STARTING their nap at 12:58- I think it's time I get on the ball & MAKE my to do list

2. I'd like get out of YESTERDAY's clothes (from Wednesday)

Step 1: SHOWER

Step 2: Brush Teeth

Step 3: Do Hair

Step 4: Makeup

Step 5: Shoes!

3. Clean up the dishes in the kitchen

4. Wipe of the counters, stove and sink

5. Sweep the floor

6. Clean up the front room

7. Gather HOMELOVERS clothes & invites

8. Get kids up and dressed

9. Stop by THESE places:

a. Wells Fargo- get $40 in cash

b. Theresa's School- give birthday invitations

c. HOMELOVERS- give shirts, pick up JADE

d. Burger King- Celebrate FRENCH TOAST stick day around 5:20pm

e. Peter Piper Pizza- Give $30 to HOLD party reservation

f. Go home, most likely it will be around 6:30pm

10. Get on my "JOB as a WIFE" blog and update today's GOALS vs: RESULTS

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