Thursday, May 19, 2011

For my new friend Leslie...

(I know you’re probly wondering
“What is she up to now?”
My only goal for this rhyme-
is just to hear your “Wow”)

12 Roses for my Leslie

for 12 weeks she’s been my friend
Buying lunch and sharing giggles
I’m so sad to see it end

12 things I hope to remember

the longer time goes by
and No Leslie, I swear, I promise
I don’t wanna make you cry

1st rose is for the hiccups

she helped me get rid of
“Think of a spotted cow”
That remedy, I love!

2nd Rose is for Chipotle

the “HEAVEN” she did hate
3rd Rose is for my Nick Name
“Radar” ‘cause I’m so great!

4th Rose is for the Freddy’s

each time, I messed up bad
5th Rose is for the Panda
it’s the best we’ve ever had!

6th Rose is for the DQ

Chicken sandwiches are her thing
7th Rose is for the Subway
As you listen to me sing

8th Rose is for the Quiznos

She says they’re “Way-WAAAY better”
9th Rose is for Roberto’s
I know just what to get her

10th Rose is for Macayo’s

when we order it to-go
11th is for Star bucks
Vente Caramel Frappachino

Let’s not forget the porkchops

chorizo and QT
I did it all for Leslie,
‘cause I know that she loves me!

12th Rose is for “The Thingy”

that I never wanted to do
‘Cause I didn’t wanna have to work here
If I didn’t at least have you…

But now the table’s turned

As I spend my last few days…
I hope we meet again soon
with an employer who actually pays!

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