Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My S.W.O.T.

---1. Strengths- I can use these strengths in ANYTHING I choose to do. I just need to CHOOSE!

a. I’m Reliable

b. I’m Friendly

c. I can be Fast

d. I am Skilled

e. I’m super Creative

f. I can be Motivated

g. I am Respectful

h. I’m very Unique

i. I can be Versatile

j. I get very Passionate

---2. Weaknesses – Any of these weakness can be improved on with just a little bit of focus

a. I’m Not licensed

b. I can be Naïve

c. Sometimes I’m too Detailed

d. I can be Sensitive

e. I can be Indecisive at times

---3. Opportunities- Combining my strengths with the following possibilities gives me great opportunities.

a. Should I Become Licensed?

b. Should I take this time and bond with my children?

c. Should I Make a career for myself now or later?

d. Should Go back to school?

e. I would love to start my own business.

---4. Threats- The so-called ‘threats’ may be ‘excuses’ but they are a reality of the obstacles I face.

a. Money, or lack there of

b. Children, daycare expenses

c. Husband, lack of support

d. Self, pitfalls of confidence & determination

e. Time, need to organize it better

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