Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tues. May 31st- Goodbye Facebook

OK, so I did it- I sat at my computer to do ONE THING and 2 hours later, I found myself distracted by Facebook, my email, you name it.

I need to get OUT OF THIS Habit!

I need to go back to a time where Facebook was something I checked on every couple of days- not every couple of hours!

I told myself, as well as my life coach -Jade; that I would write a book about becoming a s.a.h.m.
I also mentioned that I would use this BOOK (along with this BLOG) as my new addiction. The best way for me to do that obviously is to say goodbye.

not cold turkey- but for a few days at least. I need to get in the habit of doing MORE than JUST Facebooking all day. grrrr. (i know my husband would be nodding his head right now if he could read this!)

So- here I go... my goals for today:

Matt's birthday is today- so even tho we celebrated it yesterday, we went to the park and had professional (but free) pictures taken. :o) Afterwards, we stopped by the grocery store and then went to McDonald's for lunch. (I call it his birthday lunch.)

Now that I'm home and kids are napping, I wanted to do soooo much more today but my headache from yesterday has not completely left yet. So I sat here to relax and NOW look at the time. ugh.


1. Get UP off my butt and go make my TV cube. (I printed out 6 pictures and I will tape them to a little cardboard cube and place it on top of the TV. Each picture represents whose TURN it is to watch TV. This should help Matt & Brook understand that they don't have sole rights to the TV channels and everyone gets a turn.) No Jade, I will not be watching TV right now- besides, Trevor's playing Xbox on it right now so I can't. :o(

2. I WILL Go to the kitchen and do a load of dishes

3. I WILL Pick up ALL the trash in the house, including the boxes/paper from Matt's presents.

4. AND I WILL Do a load of kid laundry. I bought detergent finally and I can start a load

5. IF time permits- I will also Clean up the front room and put all of the kids' toys in a big box

6. Then I have to leave the house by 5- we're going to look at my DREAM HOUSE again! :oD

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