Friday, May 27, 2011

Goals vs Results 5/27/2011

Going to bed this evening with a big CHIP on my shoulder... Jim thinks I'm treating everyday this week LIKE a SATURDAY! What the heck does that mean?

I'm pretty productive on Saturdays (compared to him) but I know HE doesn't think so- Therefore- the audacity for him to think I'm spending EVERYDAY like's it a weekend/vacation sort of day was very insulting to me. :o(

Yes, I know I'm struggling with this 'clean house instead of work' routine. But If I'm going to feel lazy, it's on MY TERMS damn it! Here is my list of Goals vs Results for Friday, May 27th.

Today's Goals

1. Now that kids are just STARTING their nap at 12:58- I think it's time I get on the ball &

MAKE my to do list

2. I'd like get out of YESTERDAY's clothes (from Wednesday)

Step 1: SHOWER
Step 2: Brush Teeth
Step 3: Do Hair
Step 4: Makeup
Step 5: Shoes!

3. Clean up the dishes in the kitchen

4. Wipe off the counters, stove and sink

5. Sweep the floor

6. Clean up the front room

7. Gather HOMELOVERS clothes & invites

8. Get kids up and dressed

9. Stop by THESE places:

a. Wells Fargo- get $40 in cash
b. Theresa's School- give birthday invitations
c. HOMELOVERS- give shirts, pick up JADE
d. Burger King- Celebrate FRENCH TOAST – don’t spend more than $10
e. Peter Piper Pizza- Give $30 to HOLD party reservation
f. Go home, most likely it will be around 6:30pm

10. Get on my "JOB as a WIFE" blog and update today's GOALS vs: RESULTS


1. Did my goals for today, but then got interrupted by my mother-in-law who kept me on the phone for over an hour. Ugh.

2. Took a shower
a. Shaved legs
b. Brushed teeth
c. Did my hair, (kinda)
d. No make up
e. Slipped on shoes

3. Did a load of dishes

4. Did NOT wipe of counters, stove or sink

5. DID NOT sweep the floors

6. DID NOT clean the front room

7. Gathered HomeLovers clothes and Matthew’s invitations

8. Got Kid up and dressed

9. Stopped by these places
a. Theresa’s school- gave invites
b. HomeLovers- picked up jade, dropped of shirts and Leslie’s frame
c. Went to bank, got $40
d. Went to McDonald’s- nobody really felt like French toast stick day- spent way too much money
e. Dropped off Jade
f. Went to Peter Piper Pizza and gave them only $28 to hold the party reservation
g. Went home, arrive around 6:40- made dinner (frozen pizza) and then got houses ready to drive by tomorrow.

10. Not really doing the blog thing tonight- Jim and I are having a fight about my ‘productivity levels’

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