Monday, May 23, 2011

Goals vs Results 5/23/2011

Brooklyn and Matthew haven’t been feeling good all weekend. Matt has a tummy ache now and Brooklyn just woke up with a fever. (All I can say is THEY SURE PICKED a good day to be sick!)

1. Now that we’re up- I’m dressed and I’ll get the kids dressed.

2. I’ll give them some medicine and I’ll walk them down to the park in the Wagon.

3. I’ll walk around while they play. When they get tired, we’ll head home.

4. We’ll eat breakfast and then I’ll get started on the kitchen.

5. Possibly by 11am, I’ll put Brooklyn down for a nap

6. She has an eye dr appt at 1:30 today so we’ll need to get ready to go by 1pm

7. Afterwards, I might take them to the primary care doctor’s if they still aren’t feeling their best

8. If I’m able to, I’d like to stop by the dollar store and get a poster.

9. I’ll come home, make sure they’re happy and start on the front room

10. No matter what time it is, I’ll keep working on the front room, dining room and 1 load of laundry- but…

(I might not have time today to get to the ‘ONE cleaning item per week’ goal- but other than that, I think I’ve got a full day today!)

The Result

Brooklyn and Matthew were very whiny all day so I spent MOST of my day caring for them and their needs. :o)

1. I got the kids dressed, they were excited to go to the P.A.R.K. -lol

2. I gave them each medicine but couldn't walk to the park 'cause the handle to the wagon was broken. :o(

(I almost just stayed home until Matthew had a said "dwive yo caw mommy! Dat a gweat idea!")

3. Neither one of them wanted to play on the playground, so they just walked with me.

(Took only 7 min and 24 seconds to walk one lap around the park… yes, it's a small park.)

4. They wanted to go home because they didn't feel good, they barely ate breakfast.

5. I put them down for naps at 10:30ish- I was tired too… I napped. :o(

6. We were suppose to leave the house by 12:30 but didn't wake up until 12:45- we rushed to the Dr's office

7. Afterwards, my husband wanted to go look at houses, then we got McDonald's for lunch

8. Never made it to the dollar store- ran home to try to clean the kitchen before 5pm

9. Barely wiped down the counters after one set of dishes- then had to leave again

10. Jim wanted me to meet him and his parents at another house… we got home at 8pm.

I'll try again tomorrow…) :o/

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