Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Time to Reflect

So, We ended up calming down after midnight and he spoke softly and respectful towards me… he explained that he understand it’s an adjustment for me to be a s.a.h.m. all of a sudden but he says it’s all new to him as well. Ahha- lightbulb moment.

I was wondering why he wasn’t pushing me to get out of bed, or why he wasn’t questioning what I did all damn day- the Jim I ‘used’ to know would’ve been envious that I was at home and didn’t ‘have’ to do anything.

But he explained to me that he HAS BEEN envious all week. He’s had a hard time biting his tongue because he knows this was his idea, to have me stay home and clean house rather than go to work. He’s just starting off very bitterly already because he comes home and sees

----------1. Ok, a few dishes are done- I guess

----------2. Um, ok- she did a couple loads of laundry

----------3. What else did she do today?!?! Those things just take about 15 minutes each, 30 at the most.

So, we started talking about that arthritis commercial and the quote they use “A body in motion tends to STAY in motion, a body a rest tends to STAY at rest.”

And after some good points I made, and some valid ones he made- I just told him to trust that I’m working on it and I want to improve drastically. Yes, for him- but mostly for myself. PLUS- My kids will just benefit the MOST in the end if they grow up with a clean/tidy mom.

I don't know everything, all I know is that- I'm still workin on it. :o/

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